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Other than my obvious lust for travel and writing. I enjoy helping individuals and businesses grow their brand through creative content writing and social media marketing. The brands that I work with can range from travel, sports, insurance, food & beverage, movies as well as fashion & lifestyle.

Brands I’ve Worked With

FlightHacks – Flight Hacks is all about frequent flyer programs, trip reports, hotel and credit card reviews, as well as any promotion or latest news, targeted to business and first class Australian travelers.

TechFlier – Tracks the best in global innovations and highlights some of the best and brightest tech startups from around the world.

KAYAK – I had the opportunity to work with the world’s leading travel search engine. If you haven’t already know, KAYAK provide the world’s favorite travel planning tools as well as travel tips and information on flights, hotels, rental cars and vacation packages. You can view some articles I wrote here, here and here.

Fox Movies – Provides entertainment ranging from Hollywood blockbuster, award-winners, the epic franchise to the biggest hits in Hollywood.

Panaly – I conducted Malaysian travel behavior interviews with 18 candidates that consist of 3 different age groups for a European airline. In doing so I helped produce written transcripts and audio recordings.

redbull – As you can tell, is all about extreme adventures ranging from sports like skateboarding, MTB, ultramarathons, Motorsports, athletics, ultra running, running, parkour, exploring, expeditions, mountaineering and so much more.

VegeDirect – Vege Direct offers plant-based meals to busy working Canadians who don’t have the time to plan a healthy meal. Vege Direct not only cook plant-based meals, they deliver the meals directly to their customer’s office as well.


Go AsiaPlus – Go Asia Plus is a travel website for tourists to discover Asia through shopping, food, and culture.

iBanding – iBanding is an online knowledge-based platform that empowers Malaysians to choose the right insurance at the best price. Read about insurance topics I wrote here and here.

In addition to providing useful information for Malaysians about insurance, iBanding celebrates insurance agents in Malaysia too. The platform helps agents with topics to grow their business. Read topics I wrote here and here.

Plus other fashion, beauty, and travel service related companies. If you would like to know more information and to discuss potential collaboration, feel free to get in touch with me via email at


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