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Yasmin Kamal

In a nutshell, I’m an eCommerce content writer, a social media manager and an email marketing expert.

I first made my mark in the travel blogging industry 4 years ago and have since travelled to 15 countries, writing for the likes of, Turkish Airlines and Fox (Film, TV and Sports) Southeast Asia to name a few. What unfolded next were opportunities to work with an Australian based eCommerce company and a Barcelona based email marketing agency as both a social media/content writer and an email marketing expert. Today I work with high-growth and visual eCommerce brands that are leaders or upcoming leaders in their niche. Armed with my email marketing experience, I have managed many campaigns for a database of more than 50k subscribers.

Brands I’ve Worked with

How I Can Help Your Biz

Whether you’re an individual or a business looking to build your brand, my services deliver the expertise you need to grow an audience-first content strategy, put your visions in motion, and solidify your brand story.

  • 2+ Social Media Profiles
  • Social Media Audit
  • Account Creation or Optimisation
  • Social Media Marketing Plan
  • 2+ Per Week Content Posting
  • Account Monitoring & Engagement
  • Blog Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Blog Content Planning
  • 1+ per Week Blog Publish
  • Topic Ideation & Blog Optimisation
  • Plagiarism Check on All Content
  • Strategize & Plan Campaigns
  • Tracking & Optimisation
  • Segmentation & Personalisation
  • Automation & Promotion
  • Email Template Content & Design
  • List Management

*Prices will vary depending on the scope of work we agree upon.

*Social Media Management: I specialise in Instagram and Facebook only.

*Email Marketing: eCommerce stores must be willing to use Klaviyo to qualify.

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The Inbox Power

The oldest form of digital communication is email but it doesn’t mean it’s obsolete. Businesses that include email into their strategy, sees an increase in engagement of up to 45%.