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Books allow you to explore the world and witness life from a different perspective without moving an inch.

I must say I agree. Reading a travel book based on a biographical point of view can take you to faraway places, places that you never thought you could reach. Since we can’t travel at the moment, and many of you are in the same situation, I will be renting out my favourite collection of books that have kept me inspired to travel and to also bring you closer to the origins of how Yasmin Uurya came to be.

From Eric Weiner, a grumpy writer who is a self-described mope and long-time correspondent for the National Public Radio, travels to some of the most contented places in the world to Sarah Marquis’s Wild by Nature, a National Geographic Explorer who traveled for three years from Siberia to Australia by foot. These books will provide you with the perfect escape (plus entertainment) when you’re stuck at home.

Travel Books for Rent

The Geography of Bliss | Eric Weiner | New York Times Bestseller

Many authors have attempted to describe what happiness is; fewer have shown us where it is, what we can learn from the inhabitants of different cultures, and how changing your location change your mood. Now in this enlightening book, Eric Weiner, a self-described mope and longtime foreign correspondent for National Public Radio, travels to some of the most contented places. Full of inspired moments and earned epiphanies, this riveting book will make you happier as you visit…

MYR 17.00

Midnight in Siberia, A Train Journey Into the Heart of Russia | David Greene | New York Times Bestseller

After two and a half years as NPR’s Moscow bureau chief, David Greene traveled along the Trans-Siberian Railway to capture overlooked, idiosyncratic Russia in the age of Putin-style democracy. On his 6,000-mile train journey from Moscow to the Pacific port of Vladivostok, Greene meets a group of singing Babushkas from Buranovo, a teenager hawking “space rocks” from a meteor shower in Chelyabinsk, and an activist battling for environmental regulation along Lake Baikal. He finds ordinary Russians conflicted about the future of their country, a nation that boasts open elections and newfound prosperity but continues to endure oppression, corruption, and stark inequality. Midnight in Siberia offers a rare glimpse into the soul of present-day Russia.

MYR 17.00

Wild by Nature | Sarah Marquis | International Bestseller

One woman. 10,000 miles on foot. 6 countries. 8 pairs of hiking boots. 3,000 cups of tea. 1,000 days and night. Sarah Marquis got me to follow her adventure through one sitting!

MYR 29.00

Vagabonding, An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel | Rolf Potts

“Vagabonding easily remains in my top 10 list of life-changing books. Why? Because one incredible trip, especially a long-term trip, can change your life forever. And Vagabonding teaches you how to travel (and think), not just for one trip, but for the rest of your life.” – Tim Ferriss, from the foreword.

MYR 17.00

How Not to Travel the World | Lauren Juliff

“I had no life experience, zero common sense, and had never eaten rice. I suffered from debilitating anxiety, was battling an eating disorder and had just had my heart broken. I hoped by leaving to travel the world I would be able to heal myself”.

Instead, Lauren’s travels were full of bad luck and near-death experiences.

MYR 15.00

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