My Statement for Travellers on Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

These are strange times we're in today. I must first and foremost mention, that I may have dodged a couple of "bullets" the past 3 weeks with this pandemic. Had I not followed my guts, I would probably still be stuck in the Czech Republic and probably won't be back in KL for a while.…

Travel Skincare Bag

Travel Skincare Bag: Packing for a Short Trip or for a Month

Time to look at my travel skincare bag for a months worth of travel or even just for a week.

Gua Niah National Park

A Weekend Guide to Miri, Sarawak Borneo

If you are ever in this part of the world—more so Malaysia, and want to visit Borneo but don't exactly have more than 3 days, Miri, Sarawak is one place you can visit in that amount of time. But before I head into the details, I want to shed some light on where exactly is…


Cycling Through the Malaysian Peninsular: Subang Jaya to Kelantan

Welcome to the Cycle Series #2 In this series, I will be introducing you to inspiring men and women who love exploring the world on their trusted two-wheeled vehicle - the bicycle! David Chang and his friend, Yee Siang headed out into the hilly slopes of tropical Malaysia on their first two-week long-distance cycling trip.…

Long distance cycling

Long-Distance Cycling in Laos, Taiwan, Vienna & Budapest, Meet Pashmina

Welcome to the Cycle Series! In this series, I will be introducing you to inspiring men and women who love exploring the world on their trusted two-wheeled vehicle - the bicycle! I first met Pashmina back in 2017 when I was invited to speak at an event called Fuck Up Nights KL. The idea of…

Rotterdam Cube Houses

The Absolute Best Things To Do in Rotterdam – Your Free Guide!

After almost completely destroyed by bombs, they built bridges. Modern day Rotterdam carries no resemblance from the old Rotterdam, a city that was reduced to rubble in May 1940 to push the fearful Netherlands into a premature surrender so that the German airforce would never repeat the same feat on its other thriving cities. Rising…

Desert Safari

10 Things You Should Know Before Visiting Abu Dhabi

If you're arriving in Abu Dhabi as part of your adventure in the middle east region, or just for a short break, then you're definitely in for a treat in this superlative city. In my most recent posts, I shared with you two Abu Dhabi experiences which you can easily do in a day or…

Desert Safari

Evening Desert Safari Adventure in Al Khatim, Abu Dhabi

A story, a review and a wonderful photo journal - this is our time in UAE's top dune region. Our trip to Abu Dhabi had seen us chasing pucks in an ice rink instead of sipping bitter Arab coffee in an oasis in the middle of the desert. Fortunately, on the last day of the…

Louvre Abu Dhabi

3 Hour Visit to The Most Iconic Museum – Louvre Abu Dhabi

After three days of intense uber-focused and a strict schedule of everything hockey, we had our first day off (April 18th) from the IIHF WCCOA tournament. Bearing in mind that we still had one more game the following day, we decided to take it easy and explore the city slowly. The obvious most chill thing…


A Round-Up: Abu Dhabi & The Netherlands

Well...this has been a crazy couple of months - evidenced by the fact that I have intended to write a post about where I've been travelling to the past year.

A Travel Guide For Introverts

Social Life and Personal Sanity Whilst Travelling. It's a balancing act. Let's get this out of the way. "Introverts" is just one of those abstract, polarized labels very much like "hipster" or "vegan", that even someone who identify with it are not entirely sure that it describes who they are — or want it to…

Free Self Guided Walking tour

Your Free, Self Guided Walking Tour In Melbourne

Some of the best things to do in life come free. It doesn't take a lot for a place to please me. Just as long as I can capture moments and certain feelings, I'm good to go. And most times they don't cost much and who knows maybe that's how you roll too. So if…