Spotify Beats to Social Distance To – Nov 2020 Playlist #001

Spotify Playlist

An eclectic mix of tunes from drama series and movies to help you get through the week.

Every week I scan Spotify for cool soundtracks of some of my favourite drama series and movies and give them some well-deserved love and add them into my library or playlist. They’re sort of a reminder to me to keep going.

One of the many side effects of our current collective distancing is silence, a miserable seismologically registrable quietness. The white noise that we were so used to hearing—the humming of your local Mamak, the sound of car tire turning a corner, and the hustle and bustle of people going about their daily commute on the LRT and MRT is nothing but a distant sound.

Let’s fix that. Today I assembled this playlist, where most of these tunes are favourites I picked up while binge-watching Back to The Future II, Guardians of The Galaxy, The Martian, Ocean’s 8, Deadpool, Away, Animal Kingdom, SuperGirl, Emily in Paris and many more. 😉

So what do you say? Turn up your bass and fill the aforementioned void with beats from your speaker. I shall leave you to the playlist below and let you indulge.

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