A Round-Up: Abu Dhabi & The Netherlands


Well…this has been a crazy couple of months – evidenced by the fact that I have intended to write a post about where I’ve been travelling to the past year. But I never got to write anything because I wasn’t travelling for quite some time until just recently.

So yeah, I’ve got a lot to catch you up on!

Competing in Hockey and Squeezing in Some Wanderlust

Unless if you have only just discovered my lovely travel blog or haven’t been tuning in (don’t worry I have a tendency to either go on and on or literally say nothing sometimes…), you may be aware that last year I have been prepping for hockey season 2019.

This time we head to Abu Dhabi. Yes, there is ice in the United Arab Emirates.

This fast-moving city and forward-thinking culture is the heart of the UAE where nothing really stands still. It’s just one of those cities I had initially expected it to be the way it is — filled with opulent hotels that are considered 4-star to some but are really 5-star to the rest of the world.

Then you have the high-end shopping malls, ultra-modern theme parks and luxurious beach clubs.

And if you go a little further out of the city, you’ll see miles and miles of desert sand where more adventure awaits, just an hour drive outside of Abu Dhabi.

It was our first time competing in this part of the world, having only dipped our toes in and around the city, it was certainly a new perspective for us all especially when competing.

We had 8 days of hockey and 1 off day. By the end of the week, we had some opportunity to visit a few Abu Dhabi attraction before we head back to Kuala Lumpur. Which means a whole heap of new posts for you guys on Abu Dhabi alone.

Less Than 24-Hour Family Time in Kuala Lumpur

As soon as I touched down I had roughly about 24-hours or less to unload, dry my hockey gears, repack, rest and spend some time with the family before flying again.

I had initially decided to fly straight from Abu Dhabi to Holland, but it didn’t make sense for me to fly in with my hockey gears. This trip to Holland was going to be with my parents anyway. So I didn’t mind flying back to KL.

It also meant that I get to spend some time at the airport with the rest of my family members.

Off To The Netherlands

You may recall that last year I spent two weeks in Melbourne. This year, it’s off to Abu Dhabi and Holland combined in a span of almost 3 weeks!

So that’s where April ended — on the flattest country in Europe, where rows of colourful tulip flowers bloom in Spring, where bikes rule the road and charming canals bring you back in time to the 17th-century grandeur.

I have some posts in the pipeline from this trip too; so be sure to keep your eyes peeled.

2 thoughts on “A Round-Up: Abu Dhabi & The Netherlands

    1. Hey Carlie, it’s a nice country! Definitely a country I would consider visiting again and maybe explore more of the smaller towns and fishing villages.


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