Edgewater, Te Anau: A Modish Budget Motel

I have a new found appreciation for motels now.

Truth be told, I’ve been obsessing over camping out in tents and sleeping in a Kombi lately. If given the choice to camp out or sleep on a bed, I’d pick camping anytime. And it’s not because I’ve been staying at hotels or Couchsurfing too much in my previous travels, it’s because I genuinely enjoy sleeping in tents more than I do indoors.

I must say, mum has everything to do with this little obsession I have. She introduced me to camping, picnics by the river, sleeping out in the garden and even sports when I was very young. She showed me how much fun it was being outdoors and being active in general. It still is.

You would imagine that a motel is just another dodgy accommodation with a bed, a coffee table, and decent bathroom. At least that’s what it usually looks like online. (Again, thin-slicing). I didn’t think to look elsewhere either because the plan to stay in Te Anau, was during Christmas and New Year. Technically everywhere else was sold out.

As it turned out, it was the most un-dodgy motel I’ve ever stayed in!

I was heading out to celebrate New Years when I saw this munchkin of a labrador outside my motel room. Cute, cool as a cucumber, calm and collected.

I was fortunate to find this place in peak season. During my glorious week in Te Anau, Edgewater has been a pleasure. What’s great is that it’s only a stone’s throw away from the impressive Lake Te Anau and the Fiordland National Heritage Park.

And it’s small town center is only a 5-minute walk. There are plenty of eateries, restaurants, grocery and convenient stores.

Pasta anyone?

Hosted by a young family, the motel is a small and cozy accommodation, offering guests with a clean and comfortable stay. Stephen, the motel’s manager made sure of that.

Given that the motel was so small and pretty much close-knit, it was easy to bump into Stephen every day. If you’re looking for cool spots to get some hiking in, do trail walks, and other activities, Stephen is certainly the best local to ask.

The room I stayed in is definitely small. But the modern up-do make up for it. It’s equipped with a small kitchen with sink and a moderately sized fridge. It was nice of the host to leave a complimentary bottle of milk in the fridge.

That was a blessing. My usual breakfast with milk was pretty much covered for the duration of my stay in Te Anau.

Cooking my own meal. Pasta…again.

I don’t fancy dining out much when I travel. It’s probably quite the opposite for a lot of people. I just love the idea of making my own set of healthy breakfast without worrying I’d break the bank by the time I finished traveling. So having a kitchen is always convenient for me.

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At least I know my tummy is taken care of before I head out to explore.

The living room/bedroom. The bed is actually meant for 2.  I snapped this photo from the countertop. In the photo, it looks pretty cramped, but in actuality, the unit is a decent size.
The second bedroom. It’s connected to the one and only bathroom in this unit.
The bathroom comes equipped with a mini heater, shower, and clean towels.

Did I mention Lake Te Anau is literally right at your doorstep when you stay here?

Lake Te Anau

At the lake, you’ll find the Kepler water taxi, owned and operated by Steve and Dale Saunders. The water taxi is the quickest way across the lake, to get to Brod Bay and Kepler Track Great Walk.

And if you stay at Edgewater during New Years Eve, you have to attend the Te Anau bonfire party. Everyone in Te Anau is literally IN TOWN on new years eve.

Bonfire party, Coachella-ish music festival style in Te Anau town center. It wasn’t the biggest festival but it was the best night. Dancing to kiwi music and enjoying good company.

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What draws you to a motel when traveling? Is it ambiance? comfort? 

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