2 Year Gallivanting: 2016/2017 Review in Photos

My gallivanting isn’t about going around the globe and staying on the road hopping from one city to the other. It is about the things that I had set out to do and who I did them with.

I remember the first time I had a really long talk with myself. I was 26. I was working all the time and didn’t have anything else to look forward to other than going to work five days a week, pay the bills (I’m still paying bills) and coming home only to look forward to the next day— again.

At the time I haven’t played hockey in five years after uni graduation either. I thought it would distract me from focusing at work. I worried about not being able to balance the two. And I didn’t travel much either. Just one week a year.

In recognizing this issue I had, I’ve discovered facets of my personality that was neglected and was never attended to. I realized that I needed two things in life; an outlet to distress from work and to see things from different perspectives. And the only way for me to do that was to continue playing hockey and travel more.

This review will only highlight some of my happiest moments from the end of 2015, the whole of 2016, and 2017 up to now. Moments when I shut everything out. Or shall I say, moments when I was high on life?

Of course, we don’t photograph the dull moments! These photos won’t tell the whole story but, believe me, the two years have tested me in many ways and these photos are the outcome of it.

In Between Time Zones, Christmas & New Year – Melbourne Layover

Mum and I bound for Auckland, New Zealand in 2015. It was an 8-hour layover. Almost 2 am when we arrive at Tullamarine airport. Nowhere to go, feeling tired and sleepy. We decided to crash at the airport with our heads on our backpacks. It was New Year’s Eve.
Mum taking a plunge in her raft at Kaituna River. I must say, I was more worried than she was. I was worried because she can’t swim.  Although she had a little trouble when she jumped into the water for river dipping shortly after, she came out happy and fulfilled.

Radical 4-Day Over The Weekend Trip With The Girls — And Guy – Phuket, Thailand.

Sea canoeing. Amy prefers I paddled. Anything for my BAE.
Hooters. We were trying to nail the boomerang Instagram selfie while waiting for the ‘hot pants waitress’ to bring our food.
Walking around looking for a tuk-tuk.
Naka Market in Old Phuket Town. Just off the Chaofa West Road (a couple of minutes south of Central Festival), it offers a variety of culinary delights. I for one was quaving for some sweet corn. It tasted like heaven—because I was very hungry from all the walking and bumpy tuk-tuk ride.

Canadian Ice Hockey Experience, IOI City Mall – Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Signing in with my teammate!
Trying to keep up with the boys. This camp was one of a kind. Coached by Jules Vern from World Class Hockey who happens to be my coach’s (Gary Tan from G10 Ice Hockey Academy) coach when he started out. This camp was probably one of those things in my life I decided to do and went, ‘what did I get myself into this time?’ Although my Canadian Hockey camp experience was short-lived for two days (I had to travel) it was the two most grueling grind to the body kind of experience.

Bushwalking/Hiking Level 6 of Kanching Falls – Malaysia

Kanching Falls is located between Rawang and Sungai Buloh. It’s only an hour away from Kuala Lumpur. Here you can picnic and take a dip in these fresh waters. That of course coupled with a bushwalk/hike 7 levels up to the top of Kanching Falls.

Onward To The Mellow Island of Okinawa –  Japan.

I love that Cafe By The Sea has a seat that opens up to a spectacular view of the sea at low tide. My coffee fix and a slice of chocolate cake made my day.
Sunset at Zakimi Castle . This may seem like a picturesque place to take awesome sunset views or do a wedding photo shoot. It’s more than just an old castle ruin. It is the story of Okinawa and it’s people. Zakimi is one of the most sacred sites to Okinawans.
The Southeast Botanical Gardens. Not sure what my pose was here. Kingsman?— In shorts, a cropped T, an umbrella and a geeky entry pass sticker on my T.

2016 IIHF Women’s Challenge Cup of Asia – Taiwan

1st period into the game. Battling Singapore at Taipei Arena.
Not sure what period this was. But as you can see, we were in defensive mode against, Team Chinese Taipei.

The Beef Rendang That Kept On Cooking In Your Mouth – Eid

Celebrating Eid with the best beef rendang in town. Only at Gerai #13. Cooked and stirred by these Kajang bred kids.

One Of Those Trips That Pays For My Other Trips – Johor Bahru

Driving to Johor Bahru for a facilitating gig. I was tasked to facilitate a class of government officials from the Jabatan Pertanian in Ayer Hitam, Johor. I recall staying in the creepy dorms for 3 nights. No one else at night except for me and my head facilitator.
You can’t wipe that grin off my face when Kari Kambing 40 Hari (Curry Lamb 40 Days) is in front of me and my hungry belly. A must restaurant to go to when you’re in Ayer Hitam.
I mean….look at that succulent piece of chicken and lamb on that rice. This picture of the dulang (tray) of rice may seem small but it is, in fact, one dulang for two. To truly lose yourself in this dish, you must eat this dish with your hands. But first, wash your hands!

Searching For The Perfect Milk – Negeri Sembilan

Red tractors that help plow Napier grass for the cows to eat in Juasseh Agro Park
This is where a milk’s journey began — from calfs. They are rared to become adult cattle to produce fresh milk.
….and there you have it. Fresh milk straight from the farm.

2017 IIHF Challenge Cup Of Asia – Bangkok Thailand

My teammates.

If You Can’t Play Hockey, You Officiate At The Kuala Lumpur 2017 SEA Games

This picture was taken right after the last match of the tournament. The bronze medal game, Malaysia vs Singapore. Malaysia Won! We finally had time to take a team photo.


Our very first day officiating the very first game of the tournament. Malaysia vs Indonesia. We had front row seats to the most anticipated event (ice hockey) for the first time in SEA (South East Asian) Games history. We were determined not to screw up.

Making My Way Down Under – Australia

Camping under the stars and a rare coincident of a shooting star traveling in the skies. Caught on camera at Mornington Beach
Caught up with some good folks in Melbourne for Dinner at Kedai Satay

Though there are many happy days in this review, there were much more difficult days in between. And I think everyone has to go through those difficult days in order to get to the good ones. I can safely say, 2016/2017 has been darling to me.

I haven’t got much else to say other than — I’m already planning on my next gallivanting escapade! Stay tuned. 😉

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