6 Travel Insurance You Can Buy Online, Anytime, Anywhere

This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click on any of the product links and purchase via the link, I will receive a commission or a referral fee. 

I’ve been scrambling through the internet for the longest time to put this list together. I figured it’s important to share this list. I’ve listed below my top 6 picks to buy a travel insurance. The first 5 is my top pick solely because I can decide to purchase them after I leave my home country, and most importantly I can easily buy them ONLINE, ANYTIME and from ANYWHERE in the world. The 5th and the 6th are both aggregators but with a slight difference in function.

While I was working with Zurich Insurance Malaysia, I’ve always wondered why our travel insurance isn’t the most popular or the best in the market. We always seem to be one step behind big names like AIG, AXA, Tune Travel Insurance and the likes. We created some of the most comprehensive, creative and one of the most affordable travel insurance you can find in Malaysia. But somehow, we still fall behind.

“Asia-Pacific accounts for 42% of the world’s internet users. Empowered insurance consumers rely on the web to research and buy insurance products.” – Ernst & Young 2014 Global Insurance Outlook.

That number was back in 2014. I guess we didn’t get the memo. We failed to leverage on the opportunity to recognise the evolution in consumer spending and did not develop a digital distribution strategy back then. Our travel insurance lacked online presence and this is what sets Zurich’s travel insurance apart from the bigger fish today.

#1. World Nomads

Online Purchase: Yes

Filing Claims Online: Yes

Claims Payment: Via Electronic Fund Transfer.

Why is World Nomads my top pick? It allows me to buy my travel insurance online, I don’t need to be in my home country to purchase, I can file my claims via an online claim filing system, I’m able to receive my policy via email and my claims will be paid via electronic fund transfer without having to return back home.

As you can see everything from point of purchase up to receiving your claim payout is ONLINE.  All you need to worry about is looking for an internet access.

#2. Globe Hopper Travel Insurance (IMG)

Online Purchase: Yes

Filing Claims Online: No

Claims Payment: Electronic Fund Transfer.

Globe Hopper Single Trip is another one of my personal favourites. This travel insurance is available worldwide to any individual traveller, families or groups of any nationality.

Globe Hopper is available for you to buy before and after departure, which means if you have forgotten or decided at the last minute that you need a travel insurance, you can easily purchase it online. Globe Hopper also allows you to purchase additional coverage if you decide to extend your stay.

Globe Hopper still requires you to fill out a claims form (downloadable online) and thereafter submit the original documents and receipts together with the claims form via mail. Other than that, Globe Hopper can be your best alternative to World Nomads.

#3 AIG Travel Guard

Online Purchase: Yes

Filing Claims Online: Claims can be filed via AIG’S Travel Online Claim System. Only available in some countries.

Claims Payment: Electronic Fund Transfer or via cheque (depending on the countries that AIG Travel Guard is available in).

Some of you may not agree with me placing AIG Travel Guard in 3rd place but there are several reasons why I placed it third on this list. First, it’s because you can’t purchase it after you leave your home country, second, it’s only available in certain countries (see countries in the screenshot below), third, it is not entirely online because some countries don’t have an online claim filing system. As far as claim settlement is concerned, they may not always be via electronic fund transfer but could be via cheque payment instead.

#4. Cover More

Online Purchase: Yes

Filing Claims Online: Yes

Claims Payment: Electronic Fund Transfer or via cheque. (depending on your respective home country where Cover More Travel insurance is available)

Cover More is established in Sydney, Australia and it is a reputable travel insurance as well as an emergency assistance provider with an international presence.

If you are a citizen from any of the countries in the screenshot above, all you need to do is access your respective home country website, which you can easily find by scrolling to the bottom of their homepage. Once you’re in you can start requesting for quotes. Its websites are easy to navigate and are super user-friendly.

Unfortunately, cover more’s conditions are that you will need to purchase your travel insurance before departure.

I’ve looked into how you can buy Cover More Travel insurance online if you are a Malaysian citizen, expat, and a work-permit holder. Below is a screenshot that I’ve linked to the website so you can have a look.

The good news is that Cover More has an online filing claim system as well. You can scan your original documents and submit it together with a claims form which is downloadable through respective country websites.

Some countries require you to submit the original documents by mail to a specified address. But countries like Malaysia will only require the original documents if needed. Till then, you’ll need to keep the original copies safely. If you’re not sure, look for the “frequently asked questions” section or call in to find out.

#5. Insure My Trip

Online Purchase: Yes

Filing Claims Online: Not Applicable

Claims Payment: Not Applicable

Insure My Trip is not your typical online travel insurance provider like the first four I shared. It is a travel insurance aggregator (like how you compare flight ticket prices on Kayak.com, Skyscanner or Google Flights). It helps you compare travel insurance prices and subsequently allows you to request quotes and buy.

There are many insurance aggregators online, but InsureMyTrip specifically compares prices for residents of any country who plans to travel anywhere else in the world. The key rule is, to check if your selected travel insurance is open to residents of any country. Otherwise move on and keep looking!

If you click on “View More Info”, you will get in-depth details about the travel insurance plan. Check to see if eligibility is open to all nationality and most importantly is how will you receive your claim payout. Is it via Electronic Fund Transfer or cheque?

#6 iBanding.com

iBanding is another aggregator I find is rather useful, especially for Malaysians who are looking to compare services and products from insurance companies. iBanding compares insurance companies in four different categories such as general, life, general takaful and life takaful. Now, since we’re only talking about travel insurance the general insurance category is where you will find companies that sell travel insurance in Malaysia.

Although you may not be able to purchase travel insurance straight from the platform, you will be connected to an agent of your choice. The agent will then contact you and assist you with any information you need and eventually assist you in the purchase processes.

This last platform is not exactly “buy travel insurance online, anytime, anywhere” but it is a useful platform to conduct your research when you’re planning your next trip. Even if you don’t plan on buying, iBanding is where you can seek advice or guidance through their review and rating system from other customers.

Receive Travel Insurance Policy While On The Move

The beauty of buying travel insurance online with these top 5 (excluding iBanding) is that you will receive an electronic policy via email. As a traveler, digital nomad, location independent professional or a business professional, you need to be able to receive anything and everything without having to print or wait for your policy to arrive in your mailbox.

Have you decided on buying a travel insurance online? If you’ve purchased a travel insurance from a different insurance company online, share and leave a comment. I’d love to hear about it.

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