Finding Muse At Suien Bakery

I’m a huge fan of coffee. I usually don’t mind my coffee flavoured. It can be flavoured with vanilla, caramel, coconut, just as long as it adds a sweet taste to my coffee and I’m all good. A friend of mine suggested that we drop by this bakery and it was partly due to the fact that he wanted bread for some snacks and I just so happen to happily follow.

I figured why not. They might have coffee and a place to sit, chill and chew on some good old bread made in Okinawa.

Suien Bakery is a vegan bakery where they sell all kinds of delicious homemade bread. Every day is a surprise, good for bread lovers because this enchanting bakery bakes different kinds of bread every day. What I love most about this bakery is that it looks like an old rusty shack from the outside, which pretty much settles itself within wildflowers and narrow roads. If you are new to the area, it’s a tad bit hard to spot and is a bit of a mystery. So slow down if you are driving. You can park your car about a block away and walk across the street into a tiny alley which will eventually lead you to the bakery.

Remember when I mentioned that the bakery looked like an old shack from the outside. Don’t be fooled. I laughed at myself for thinking that this could never be a bakery. Apparently, a lot of the local cafes and bakeries in Okinawa are mysterious in nature. As I walked through the sliding doors, I see a cosy looking cafe with wooden chairs and tables with rustic decor. Space looked effortless and the walls had hairline cracks, but it was okay because it somehow looks good. It’s big enough to be a home, which we assumed it was probably renovated from a Japanese style home into a bakery.

Some information about the bakery:

Location: 読谷村字座喜味367 (Yomitan Zakimi)

Opening Hours: 10:30 am – 5:00 pm (Thursday – Sunday)

I found my muse here and if you happen to be in Okinawa, be sure to drop by this bakery. Happy eating and exploring!

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