As far as I can remember “The Big Leap” wasn’t so big 6 months ago. Yesterday morning at about 10 am, I finally made it happen. It was as if a huge brick was lifted off my shoulder and I finally found the courage to leap and let everything go.

After 4 years and 10 months working in a Swiss base multinational organisation, I have decided to move on. How do I know this? It’s easy. I find myself dragging out of bed every day being grumpy and moody. It just means I’ve had enough and it is time to look for other opportunities.

It’s amazing how a human being can become a ‘modern corporate hamster slave” in this new millennium. Some have stayed with their employers for over a decade or more. The older generation will pride on this by saying “perseverance is a quality of strength”, in this era I call it “blind loyalty”, loyalty that drains the life out of your soul to the point that you become complacent, slowly becoming slower and domesticated in a comfortable routine environment. You soon realise that your “time” is always too short. It just didn’t feel right knowing that your time is wasted when you can spend all your health and energy doing something productive on your own. Yes, this is it. It is time for me to embrace the Millennial that I am.

The Millennial or loosely defined as those born after 1980 are daring job quitters and are easily prone to boredom. This is especially significant in the corporate world. I dare say that I fall in this group. Just over 4 years, I am now looking for new, different and meaningful passion hoping to turn it into the “money generating dream job”. Compared to generations prior, we prefer to stare into our gadgets and scroll down Twitter timelines, Facebook feeds, posting video hauls on youtube or shopping online and reading news from 10 different apps all at the same time. Even dating and hook ups have come easy via Tinder, all because we are a fast paced generation that wants everything at our finger tip on the spot. We are reckless yet determined with conviction to strive, we were told by our baby boomer parents to have patience and perseverance, but we prefer to persevere passionately. We take big huge leaps because we know we can have better and a brighter future beyond our imagination.

As cheesy as it all may sound, my BIG LEAP is just the beginning and deciding to leave was my first step.

5 thoughts on “THE BIG LEAP

    1. Hey Emily!

      Thanks! Yes I did take the big leap. I plan to grow my b&b this year. It’s doing fairly well in the last 2 years, now it just needs a big push. Wish me luck!



  1. Its amazing how a human being can become a ‘modern corporate hamster slave” in this new millennium< so true..


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